This is where everyone leaves the place of the wedding ceremony and traditionally this was always carried out to Mendelssohn's Wedding March. In this day and age wedding couples seem to request everything but the Wedding March. Anything seems to be appropriate for the recession but most people seem to select something that is jubilant. The music played doesn't have to be any particular length. Here are some suitable examples:


2nd Arabesque - Debussy

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (clip) - Handel

Cadiz - Albeniz 3 mins 34 secs

Dizzy Fingers - Confrey 1 min 49 secs

Golliwogs Cakewalk - Debussy

Grand March from Aida - Verdi

Italian Concerto 1st Movement - Bach

Italian Concerto 3rd Movement - Bach

Marigold - Mayerl 2 mins 53 secs

Prince of Denmark's March or Trumpet Voluntary (clip) - Clarke

Tales From Vienna Woods - Johann Strauss II

Wedding Day in Troldhaugen - Greig

The Wedding March - Mendelssohn

Zenite - Ernesto Nazareth




Here are some pieces of a more popular nature that can be used for the recession.


Alright, OK, You Win

Better Together - Jack Johnson

Bring Me Sunshine

Build Me Up Buttercup (clip) - The Foundations

Cheek to Cheek

Come Rain or Come Shine

Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra

Everybody in love (Put Your Hands Up)

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra

Happy Days are Here Again

Happy Together (clip) - The Turtles

Heart and Soul (clip) - Hoagy Carmichael

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) - Marvin Gaye

I Get a Kick Out of You - Frank Sinatra

I'm Just a Lucky So and So - Duke Ellington

It Had to Be You

It Must Be Love - Madness

Just in Time

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off - George Gershwin - Yes I really have played this for a wedding ceremony!

Let's Do It (lets Fall in Love) (clip) - Cole Porter

I'm Singin' in the Rain

Just In Time

The More I See You (clip)

Secret Love - Doris Day

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours (clip) - Stevie Wonder

Stepping Out With My Baby

This Can't Be Love

Under the Moon of Love - Showaddywaddy

When You're Smiling (clip)

Wonderwall - Oasis

You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You - Dean Martin

You've Got A Friend in Me - Toy Story

You Are My Sunshine



The Entrance (Procession or Processional)

The Signing (of the Register)

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Wedding Ceremony Music - Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, UK

This page features a list of music suitable for a ceremony. Please note that you can only listen to the pieces on this page. You will have to visit my download page HERE in order to save them to your computer.

A lot of people worry unecessarily about the music for the ceremony. If it is a civil ceremony then you can have anything you want as long as it doesn't have any reference to God or religion. Here is a little bit of information about the various parts of the ceremony together with examples of suitable music:

The gathering of the congregation.

The gathering of the congregation speaks for itself really - I just play music while people gather and seat themselves. This section doesn't really have a time span and it isn't necessary to choose music for this section. However, if a couple does select wedding music for this part of the proceedings, they must accept that either: I won't be able to play all of the chosen piece or pieces, or more frequently I will have to play extra music of my choice.


The Entrance of the Bride (The Procession)

The next section is the entrance of the bride and traditionally this was always carried out to Wagner's Bridal Chorus. Although most people stick to the Wagner; you can have any music you like. The one thing you must consider when looking an alternative is that it doesn't take long for the bride to walk down the aisle - usually 30-45 seconds . If you would like the music to be a little longer than this you can let the music start and then make the entrance part way through the piece (say after 8 bars). Also, the music has to be something that can be brought to an end easily so that I can stop playing as the bride reaches the front of the aisle.

A lot of couples go to great lengths to choose something very special for the entrance: only to find that I can only play a small snippet. I often recommend using the same music for the entrance as the signing of the register. This usually ensures that you will hear your favourite piece of music in it's entirity during the signing.

Here are a few examples of music that are suitable for the entrance:


Traditional Entrance Music

The Bridal Chorus - Wagner

Canon in D - Pachelbel - Short version

Canon in D - Pachelbel - Longer version. A longer version of the canon is sometimes used. The bride usually waits for either 8 or 12 counts before the entrance.

1st Arabesque - Debussy

1st Gymnopedie - Satie

Air on a G String - Bach


More Modern Entrance Music

Greatest Day - Gary Barlow

Kissing You - Des'ree

Joga - Bjork



The Signing of the Register

The signing of the register usually takes from 7 - 12 minutes, so if your favourite piece of music is only two or three minutes in length then you'll probably have to choose two or three pieces of music so that it will cover the 7 - 12 minutes. I suppose that if you did choose something that was too long there would come a point when I would have have to stop playing but the piece would have to be excessively long. Here are some examples with the duration of each piece included.

Traditional Music for Signing the Register

Clair De Lune - Debussy 4 mins 23 secs

1st Arabesque - Debussy 4 mins 13 secs

Autumn Crocus - Mayerl 3 mins 35 secs

Evening Primrose - Mayerl

The Towing Path - Ireland 4 mins 6 secs

Canon in D - Pachelbel

Air on a G String - Bach

Valse Op. 70 No. 2 - Chopin 3 mins 13 secs

18th Variation on a Theme of Paganini - Rachmaninov 2 mins 33 secs

Three Preludes - Delius 3 mins 54 secs


More Modern Music for Signing the Register

Bella Notte - Einaudi

Le Onde - Einaudi 4 mins 0 secs

I Giorni - Einaudi

It's Your Day - Yiruma

River Flows in You - Yiruma

Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John

Your Song - Elton John

Eternal Flame - The Bangles

Have I Told You l Lately - Van Morrison

Make You Feel My Love - Composed and sung by Bob Dylan - recently sung by Adele

Rule the World - Gary Barlow

Stars - Mark Hucknall/Simply Red

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Bob Gaudio - Sung by Andy Williams

Hello - Lionel Ritchie

Endless Love - Lionel Ritchie

Heaven - Bryan Adams

Kissing You - Des'ree

And I Love Her - The Beatles

Moon River